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Cash Loans

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If you need cash loan, we can get you money fast! Please feel free to contact us for information! 

Jewelry Loans

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If you have a piece of jewelry that you would like to pawn or sell, we can get you cash fast! 

Gold Loans

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If you have gold or gold jewelry that you would like to pawn or sell, we can help! 

Watch Loans

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If you need cash fast, bring in your new or used watch. We can assist in your pawning, buying, and selling! 

Engagement Rings - We buy and sell! 

Engagement Rings Virginia Beach

We Sell Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings! If you are looking for a  engagement rings of all types for a great price, we have the best deals around. Looking for something in particular? We can help!


We Carry Antique and Vintage Engagement Rings! If you are looking for an antique, or antique-style engagement ring, our collection of rings is vast and beautiful!


Unique Engagement Rings of all Styles! If you are looking for a ring that is as unique as the person you love, we have options that will stand out above the crowd! 


Have Something in Mind? Please feel free to come in or call us in advance if you are looking for something in particular. Either us, or one of our 3 sister stores, will most likely have what you are looking for! 


Did you know?... Did you know that many of the diamonds that we buy are sold back to diamond dealers, and in turn to wholesale jewelry stores?Diamonds are most often times "recycled" and then resold as "new," so why pay more?

Our Services

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Pawn Loans

If you need fast cash Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry gives confidential loans on just about anything with monetary value! 

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Engagement Rings For Less

If you are looking for high quality engagement rings for about half the price of other jewelry stores, we have a great selection at low costs. We would love to help you find the perfect ring! 



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We Buy Jewelry and Valuable Goods

If you are looking to sell jewelry, watches, tools or just about anything else of value, come into Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry to get cash quickly.

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We Sell Jewelry, Watches, and More! 

Great quality goods don't always have to be expensive, and we have a beautiful selection to prove it! Come in to find you or your loved one a special gift and save a bundle! 



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