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At Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry, we buy gold and make it a point to be extremely accurate and fair with the way that we appraise your gold items. There are many places that sell gold in Virginia Beach, but of course, you want to go to a location that’s willing to pay top-dollar for your goods. 
There is a reason why Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry always has a great selection of gold jewelry and gold items on hand. This is because we buy gold that is unique, in demand, or is high in quality. Buying gold at pawn shops in Virginia Beach is easy, but ideally, you want to get your service from a shop that values you as a customer. At Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry, we have excellent customer service that stems from nearly two decades of business experience, and that is why we are one of the most popular and trusted series of pawn shops in Hampton Roads. We buy gold from people not only throughout Virginia Beach, but also from many visitors that come from neighboring towns and around the world.


Jewelry Appraisal | Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry

Why You Should Buy Gold At Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry

If you are looking for a place that sells gold and gold jewelry in Virginia Beach, look no further! Pawn shops are gaining more and more popularity, and are no longer a last-priority option.
When we buy gold, we put it through a rigorous authentication/appraisal process. From the moment that you step into the store, we will let you know how we perform these processes with your gold before we do it. Once we have your approval of our process, we will carefully, but quickly, begin and ensure that you recieve a fair and competent valuation. From this point, you can decide on whether or not you would like to proceed to sell your gold to us. The choice is yours, but with our great offers, we are more than confident that you will leave feeling satisfied with your decision. 

We Buy Gold To Make Experiences

We buy gold at Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry because we want to ensure that, whether buying or selling their gold, our customers leave our store happy.  Who knows, maybe a gold ring that you never wear will be part of a beautiful engagement for someone else!  One of our favorite aspects of business is being able to offer those special experiences to other people. When we buy gold, it is great to know that it will give someone else a wonderful story, while getting our customers the cash that they need.
Every piece of gold we buy tells a story, so bring your gold in, and someone else may create a special memory with it. You might just find a piece to create a new story of your own!