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At Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry, we are dedicated to our customers and the items that they bring in.   Our appraisal process is thorough, but we want to make sure that each piece of jewelry is valued properly, and that you are recieving the best money for your loans

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The Value of Your Jewelry

Whether you are selling your jewelry, or you are just needing a loan, our trained staff will always appraise your items with great integrity and detail. Because of this, it is necessary for you bring your jewelry in for inspection, but with almost twenty years of experience in the pawn business, our appraisal process is as seamless and customer friendly as possible. 

If you are looking for a loan on your jewelry, we will carefully appraise your jewelry and get your cash to you in just minutes! Our organized system will ensure that your items will stay safe and cataloged for the time of the agreed upon loan. 

When selling your jewelry, please remember that we value the overall condition and market value of your item, but that the pre-owned retail price is a large factor of our appraisal.