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Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry allows customers to experience the high quality products and services. Our staff specializes in the areas and technicalities of both the Jewelry and Pawn businesses, and our outstanding staff will always be happy to help. 

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If you are looking for a Virginia Beach pawn shop that offers some of the highest valued loans in the area, we are sure that you will be satisfied with the services that we provide. At Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry we like to ensure that all transactions are fair and organized. We make it a point to dedicate ourselves to providing the best service and value, so that we are able to maintain the reputation of being the best collection pawn of shops in the Hampton Roads area. 

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How Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry Appraises Your Items

To give you a fair appraisal for your pawn loan, we make sure to properly test and evaluate the item that is brought in as collateral. Regardless of the item brought in, each of our methods of testing take a number of variables into consideration. This includes, but is not limited to, the physical attributes of the item and its condition. The monetary value that we put on your item will also depend on the demand of the item and its potential resale value at the time.

A Pawn Shop With Great Customer Service

When you enter Virginia Beach Pawn and Jewelry, you will always be greeted by our friendly and experienced staff, who are prepared to guide you through the loan process. If you have any questions concerning buying, selling, or receiving pawn loans on your items, please feel free to contact us, and one of our employees will gladly answer any questions that you may have.